Philips Hair Straightener – Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener Review

A hair straightener is a handy device which will allow you to straighten your hair in a very efficient way. The Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener is one of the most popular hair straighteners available on Flipkart right now. Costing just under 2k, it has a highly ergonomic design and is very convenient to use. It can achieve high temperatures up to 210 C in less than a minute, allowing you to achieve salon-like results with ease.

For hair care, the Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener is a value-for-money device. Read on to know more about this product’s features.

philips hp8315 hair straightener

Features of the Philips HP8315

Extra Wide Ceramic Plates - The extra wide plates on the hair straightener will allow you to straighten a lot more hair in one go, which is especially useful and will save a lot of time for girls with long hair. These plates are made of ceramic, which will make them glide smoothly and comfortably over the hair.

Optimal Temperature - The straightener can get up to the temperature of 210 C within a few seconds. This will allow you to get salon-like results.

60 Second Heating Time - The straightener takes just 60 seconds to reach its optimal temperature, and can reach the temperature of 100 C after only 30 seconds of being p[ow

Ion Conditioning - The basic concept of ion conditioning on the HP8315 is that it replaces the unhealthy positive ions with healthy negative ones. This will give your hair a nice, natural glow and remove the frizz.

Automatic Shut-off - Just in case you accidentally leave the hair straightener and you forget to turn it off, it will automatically turn itself off after 60 minutes of not being used. This safety feature could potentially save you a bunch of money.

Swivel Cord – A swivel cord, such as those you see on landline phones, makes the straightener very convenient to use and prevents potential hair entanglements.

Universal Voltage – It can operate on an universal voltage from 110 V to 240 V. This means that you can plug it in any country in any voltage specification. This negates the need for carrying multiple chargers when you travel.

Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a high quality hair straightener that will allow you to get great results akin to that of what you would get in the salon, then the Philips HP8315 makes the cut. This is definitely a high quality device that allows you to get the job done with ease.

To get the hair straightener at a discounted price of less than 2k on Flipkart, CLICK HERE.

If you want to check some alternatives, go here to check out other hair straighteners at other price ranges.

Symphony Diet 50i Tower Air Cooler Review

The Symphony Diet 50i tower air cooler is most value-for-money air cooler available for Flipkart right now. If you need to escape the heat of the sweltering summer, then going for this cooler is definitely a good choice, rather than buying an air conditioner that would be much costlier. Not only does this air cooler cost a lesser amount of money, but it also costs much less electricity to run, and so you can afford to keep it running every day.

Let’s look at the features of the Diet 50i Tower Air Cooler, to see if it is worth your money.

symphony diet 50i tower air cooler review


Features of the Diet 50i

50 Litres Tank Capacity - This large capacity allows the cooler to comfortably a large 20×20 room. It is perfect if you want to cool your bedroom or hall in your home.

Mode of Air Circulation – Blower - As with all air coolers, a high-power blower is how the cooler dispenses the humid air throughout the room. This blower is very effective in circulating the air and cooling the entire room in a fairly short amount of time.

Air Throw Distance – 33 ft – The official air throw distance is 33ft, which means it can throw the air as much as 33ft forwards. In a 20×20 room, this kind of air throw will be sufficient to reflect off the walls and cool the entire room, no matter what direction that the blower is facing.

2000 cubic mtr Air Delivery – A large volume of air delivery ensures that the Diet 50i can perform the cooling function efficiently and quickly. This is truly a high power cooler which is also super effective.

Remote Control – A handy remote control will allow you to control all the functions of the cooler without actually having to go near it.

Cooling Pad Type – Honeycomb – This cooling pad on the Symphony Diet 50i Cooler is extremely efficient and does a good job of cooling the room quickly.

Low power consumption – 170 W - This is the biggest perk of buying an air cooler over an air conditioner. The air cooler consumes a low amount of power compared to most air conditioners, and still does a pretty good job of cooling the room, allowing you to be more comfortable in the heat of the summer.

Should You Buy It?

If you are desperately looking to get out of the sweltering heat, while at the same time want to save some money on an air conditioner, my answer is yes: you should definitely buy the Diet 50i air cooler. It does a good job and is totally worth th money.

If you want to buy the cooler at a discounted price on Flipkart, then CLICK HERE to go there.

Symphony Air Cooler – Price and Overview

Air coolers are definitely a nice alternative to air conditioners. They cost much less, and they also don’t consume much power, so they are much more cost-effective to run on a daily basis. If you need a solution to escape the heat of the sweltering summer, then buying an air cooler is definitely a great way to go. Not only does an air cooler cool the air, but it also makes it more humid, which is a plus if you are living in a dry area.

If you are looking to buy an air cooler in India, then the most respected brand is Symphony Air Coolers. There are a huge number of air coolers from Symphony at different price ranges. Read on to know more about Symphony’s product range of air coolers, so that you can find out which one is right for you.

symphony winter desert air cooler

Symphony Winter Desert Air Cooler (Rs. 11991)

This cooler has a 56 litres of air throw capacity and a air throw distance of 55ft. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for an air cooler that cool large rooms, the hall in your home and can even be used in functions to cool the people who are on the stage. If you are looking for value for your money for fairly large requirements, this is the cooler for you. If you would rather go for a cooler for your bedroom, then you might want to look at some of the more cost-effective ones below.


symphony diet 12t tower air cooler

Symphony DiET 12T Tower Air Cooler (Rs. 5871)

The DiET series is more suited for smaller requirements such as an air cooler in your bedroom. With a 12 litre tank capacity and a 30ft air throw distance, it is the perfect choice if you are looking for an air cooler that can get the job done in helping you escape the sweltering summer heat.

Symphony Diet 22i Tower Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 22i Tower Air Cooler (Rs. 8991)

With a 22 litre capacity, this cooler would be ideal for you if you are looking for something that has intermediate capabilities. But you might want to take a look at the 50i instead, which is priced just 1k higher but has much higher tank capacity and air throw.


symphony diet 50i tower air cooler

Symphony Diet 50i Tower Air Cooler (Rs. 9991)

This cooler is priced slightly higher. With a 50 litre tank capacity, it has much higher capabilities and is capable of cooling larger rooms quickly and easily.

Symphony Storm 70i Desert Air Cooler

Symphony Storm 70i Desert Air Cooler (Rs. 15491)

With a 70 litre tank capacity and an air throw distance of 65ft, this is a really high-end air cooler. Unless you are looking for cooling a really large room, you should go for the DiET series. If indeed you have large requirements, this cooler is ideal.


symphony storm 100i tower air cooler

Symphony Storm 100i Tower Air Cooler (Rs. 18991)

This is a monstrosity of an air cooler that is on the top of the line in Symphony’s lineup. Buy this if you have really high-end requirements.

Which Should You Buy?

It really depends on the size of the room in which you are going to be placing the cooler. If you are just looking to cool a standard-sized bedroom, a cooler priced at around 6k, such as the DiET 12T, should suffice.

If you are looking to cool a larger bedroom or a very large living room, you should be going for the coolers priced above 10k, such as the DiET 50i or the Storm 70i.

Panasonic Rice Cooker – Price and Overview

An electric rice cooker is an extremely handy appliance to have around in the kitchen. They consume a lot of electricity, but are much more convenient to use than your traditional pressure cookers with which you have to use flame, and have to turn off manually. The most popular brand in India is Panasonic, and it has a huge range of rice cookers on Flipkart.

If you are in the market to buy one, then selecting between these models can be a bit confusing. One of the following five models from Panasonic should satisfy your needs.

panasonic sr wa 10 rice cooker

Panasonic SR WA 10 1 L Rice Cooker (Rs. 1145) - This is the most cost-effective rice cooker in the Panasonic product range. It has a 2.7 litre capacity (after cooking), which means that you can cook 1 litre (or 1 kg) of rice. It has the much-needed automatic cut-off feature so that it can switch itself off automatically after cooking the rice. It gets the job done. One big advantage is that since the capacity is small, it is also extremely portable. You can easily carry it when you are going on vacations or tours without much hassle.

panasonic sr wa 18h rice cooker

Panasonic SR WA 18H 1.8 L Rice Cooker (Rs. 1795) - It’s a little bit costlier than the WA 10, but the direct advantage is that you get a much higher capacity of 1.8L capacity (before cooking) which means a 4.4L capacity (after cooking). This is the ideal choice if you have more people that you need to cook for.

panasonic sr y22fhs rice cooker

Panasonic SR-Y22FHS 5.4 L Rice Cooker (Rs. 3199) – 
In a nice burgundy colour, this rice cooker has a gargantuan 5.4L capacity, and it is perfect for cooking for large families. If you need increased capacity for cooking for more than four people, then this is the rice cooker that you should go for. It gets the job done, and is ideal for everyday use, especially if your eating habits consist of eating rice everyday.

panasonic sr942 rice cooker

Panasonic SR942 4.2 L Rice Cooker (Rs. 5795) – Don’t buy this! This rice cooker is far less in value compared to the SR-Y22FHS, but it costs much more than that. As I said before, there are a huge number of rice cookers in the product range that are overpriced and undervalued. You should ideally select only from the above three cookers, which are what really matter.

Conclusion: Which Should You Buy?

You shouldn’t be confused by the large number of rice cookers in the Panasonic product range. Of all the cookers, the above three provide the most value for their price. They all work the same, and the only noticeable difference is the difference is the capacity of the cookers.

So just select one of the above three rice cookers and equip your kitchen with that much needed arsenal.

Philips Hand Blender – Price and Overview

A hand blender is a good appliance to have in your kitchen. Hand blenders are extremely easy to use and can be used by anyone inexperienced in the kitchen. If you are looking to buy a hand blender online in India, then there are many available on Flipkart that you can order right away. Most notable of these on Flipkart, are of course the Philips hand blenders, which have the highest ratings and the highest customer satisfaction.

The product range of Philips hand blenders is varied, so let’s look at each one of them and see their differences, so that you can find which one suits your needs.

philips-hr1350 hand blender

Philips HR1350/C 250 W Hand Blender (Rs. 897) – This is the best, el-cheapo and most value-for-money hand blender that you can find on Flipkart. It has a nice ergonomic design, easy to hold in the hand. The ergonomic design lets you grip the blender firmly in your hand and press the little soft blue button to get the blender whirring. If you need a basic blender that gets the job done for making juices, chutnies, etc. then this is the blender that you should go for.

philips-hr1351 hand blender

Philips HR1351/C 250 W Hand Blender (Rs. 1586) This is identical to the above blender, but the difference is that it comes along with a 1 liter plastic beaker, which will come in handy unless you have a beaker of your own. Another thing bundled is the chopper, which lets you chop up soft things like herbs, onion and cheese.

philips-hr1453 hand blender

Philips HR1453 175 W Hand Blender (Rs. 1843) – This blender is a step up from HR1350/1351. As you can see, it costs 700 rupees more, but is correspondingly more powerful. Although the HR1350/51 should suffice for making fruit juices, milkshakes, etc. you will find that this more powerful blender will perform better for more difficult tasks such as making pudina chutnies and breaking down ice cubes into smaller pieces. You get the power for the price. 

philips-hr1361 hand blender

Philips HR1361 600 W Hand Blender (Rs. 1625) - This is an upgrade from the 1350/51. It consumes 600W of power and is considerably more powerful, but the downside is that it consumes a lot of power and is quite thicker and heavier.

philips-hr1396 hand blender

Philips HR1396/00 500 W Hand Blender (Rs. 1724) – This hand blender is built more like a traiditional hand blender, but should work nicely for all your usual household kitchen operations. This blender is highly recommended if you are looking for an all-purpose blender that can do everything without breaking a sweat.

philips hr1602 hand blender

Philips HR1602 550 W Hand Blender (Rs. 2305)With this blender we see another step up in power. Built like a hand blender, you can hold it in the hand and use it with a beaker and still it’s powerful enough to handle all the blending tasks that you throw at it.


Philips HR 1613 650 W Hand Blender (Rs. 4195) I guess we can call this the king of hand blenders. Extremely powerful but thinly built, this one should be able to go through every gruelling kitchen task. It’s certainly only for the kitchen veterans.

Which should you buy?

To select from a large product range might be confusing, but it really depends upon your needs. More price = more power.

But if you’re just looking for a basic hand blender that can make juices and chutnies and get the job done, I think you will do just fine with HR1351. That hand blender can handle everything unless you don’t stress it too much, and is perfect for normal household use.

oCOSMO 40-inch 1080p 60Hz LED MHL & Roku Ready HDTV Review

oCOSMO is a nearly unheard-of brand name. Most people know about Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Samsung, etc. but they will just blink if you ask them about a company called oCOSMO. However, expereince over the years about obscure companies has taught us never to underestimate the capabilities of small companies like this.

The oCOSMO 40-inch 1080p 60Hz LED MHL & Roku Ready HDTV has gained steady popularity in online stores like Amazon. Although lacking brand value, it has received a lot of rave reviews from its buyers. This is a solid value-for-money TV that doesn’t have the brand value of its competitors, but it definitely does not fall short on quality. The extremely low price of just around $270 (click here to check price) gives it a definite edge over similar, but much higher-priced competitors.

oCosmo HDTV1

Let’s look over some of the most notable features of this TV:

Notable Features

Attractive design with a thin bezel - Gone are the days when the most good-looking TVs were always the costliest. Small companies like oCOSMO have mastered the design deparment, and this is evidently clear in this oCOSMO 40-inch HDTV. Having an ultra-thin bezel, a super-thin design and a generally classy look, this TV could easily be mistaken for a high-end branded TV from Sony or Samsung, unless they look a little closer.

1080p HD 40-inch display - It’s hard to find a 40-inch high quality HDTV at this price. Most TVs at this price range (around $270) have only a 32-inch size. Not only does this TV have an absolutely awesome size of 40-inch, the picture quality is also really outstanding for this TV. A random bystander would estimate that this TV costs at least $500. Based on many glowing reviews from Amazon, we can easily conclude that the picture quality on this TV is truly outstanding and provides an amazing home theatre experience.

Roku Ready - This TV has a Roku ready HDMI port. Basically a Roku ready HDMI port is a standard HDMI port with support for hooking up a Roku device, which provides many advanced media features. You can also connect your phone to this HDMI port and view the content on your phone on your TV. There are also numerous other connectivity options such as composite, component, 2 other normal HDMI ports, Headphone, USB, etc. ensuring that you never lack for connectivity and you can connect any device you want.

Movable Display - This display has a flexible design that allows you to adjust tha angle of the display with ease. You can also remove the display from the stand and have it wall-mounted.

User Feedback

Here’s what Kathleen feels about the TV:

So far this is a great TV. Picture and sound are really good. [Link to full review]

Here’s what Kevin feels about the TV:

The picture quality on this TV is really outstanding for the price, especially considering that it’s a 40-inch TV. [Link to full review]

Here’s what Thomas feels about the TV;

I was skeptical about the picture quality at first because of the low price, but I was completely blown away! Amazing picture quality! [Link to full review]


For an ultra-cheap price, there is no better combination of amazing picture quality and great design in such a cheap package. You certainly won’t go wrong with purchasing this TV. On an average, this TV has received a 4.6/5 stars review on Amazon, which is a clear indication of its high quality.

Buy the oCOSMO 40-inch 1080p 60Hz LED MHL & Roku Ready HDTV by CLICKING HERE.

LG Electronics 60LA7400 60-Inch 3D 1080p 240Hz LED-LCD HDTV Review

The LG Electronics 60LA7400 60-Inch Cinema Screen Cinema 3D 1080p 240Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D Glasses is one of the most VFM packages in high-end TVs out there. With multiple features such as a high refresh rate, LED-LCD display and immersive 3D, this TV certainly gives you the value for every coin you put into buying it. Granted you won’t go wrong with buying this TV.

What’s so special about this TV? Let’s go over some of the most notable features of this TV that makes this TV value for money.

lg 60la7400 lg 60la7400

Notable Features

60-inch 1080p Display - The display on the LG Electronics 60LA7400 is a true marvel. It is an astounding LED-lit display that definitely draws the eyes of anyone in the room. It’s large size makes it ideal for any living room or home theatre setup, and watching any movie, TV show or sports on this gargantuan TV, alone or with family, is a complete blast.

240 Hz Refresh Rate - The high 240Hz refresh rate on this TV adds an additional layer of quality to an already awesome TV. The main advantage of having such a high refresh rate is that moving pictures look a lot more crisp and detailed – meaning that the TV is much more capable of handling the high-speed action in action movies and sports without any motion blur. The lack of motion blur means that pictures appear a lot clearer and crisper and you can see every little detail in the moving picture even in the most action-packed sequences of your favorite movie, TV show or sports.

LG Smart TV - Joining the fray of Smart TVs given by every company, the LG Smart TV is the expected advancement in technology as far as TVs are concerned. It gives you all the smartphone-like features that you would expect, such as internet access via Wi-Fi, web browsing, watching streaming videos on services like YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc. It also contain a complete voice recognition system called LG voice mate, which allows you to control the entire TV using your voice alone. It is pretty capable of recognizing common words and controlling the TV using your voice is actually very practical, and not some obscure gimmick.

Immersive 3D - As expected, the 3D on this TV absolutely blows you away. It is TVs like this which thin the line between the 3D that you experience in theaters and the 3D that you experience at home. What’s more is that this TV is bundled with four pairs of 3D glasses, which means you watch 3D movies with your entire family at no additional cost.

Bundled LG Magic Remote - The bundled LG Magic Remote is a universal remote that can control any device. So not only can you control your TV with it, but you can also control other devices such as your Blu-Ray player and speaker system. You can simply throw away every other remote out of the window.

User Feedback

Here’s what Jesrock feels about this TV:

This TV is a great package. The magic remote is effective and fun to use. [Link to full review]

Here’s what Paul feels about the TV:

This is an outstanding high-end TV with excellent picture quality. Totally worth it for the price. [Link to full review]

Here’s what Philin feels about the TV:

The picture quality is awesome, and the 3D is nothing short of amazing. [Link to full review]


If you’re looking for a fairly high-end TV in the 1.5k range, then you absolutely go wrong with the LG Electronics 60LA7400, or any other TV in the LG LA7400 series. Not only are these TVs absolutely great packages with awesome picture quality, they provide a load of additional bonuses such as 4 pairs of 3D glasses and LG Smart TV.

Buy the LG Electronics 60LA7400 on Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the same model in other sizes.

47-Inch: LG Electronics 47LA7400

55-Inch: LG Electronics 55LA7400

60-Inch: LG Electronics 60LA7400

BenQ W1070 1080P 3D Home Theater Projector Review

If you’re looking to get a really good home theatre experience, then a projector is a great alternative to a HDTV. Projectors offer great image quality and brightness and can project up to 200″ in size, much larger than any HDTV that is available today. The BenQ W1070 is one of the highest-rated HD 1080p projectors on the market right now, and would be great for your home theater setup. Read on to know more about the features of the BenQ W1070.


Main Features

Full HD 1080p up to 200″ - The BenQ W1070 can project 1080p video up to 200″ in size. Needless to say, 200″ is an enormous size and looks absolutely amazing in a home theatre setup. It performs well with DVD quality content, but the absolute best performance can be seen on 1080p video. The immersion at this size is nothing short of amazing.

3D - The BenQ W1070 supports multiple forms of 3D such as HDMI, Blu-ray and Nvidia 3D PC connectivity. 3D content can be viewed using the bundled pair of 3D passive glasses. These are very thin and light and comfortable to wear, even over an existing pair of prescription glasses that you may be wearing. Viewing of 3D content like the Life of Pi movie is phenomenal!

Multiple Connectivity Options - The BenQ W1070 has two HDMI ports, one component, one composite, audio ports, VGA (for PC connectivity), s-Video and also a mini-HDMI port.

Built-in speakers - Although it’s recommended to connect a separate set of speakers to your projector for the best home theater experience, the BenQ W1070 also comes with 10w built-in speakers. These provide pretty good audio for what they are and are useful for testing purposes. [Read more…]

ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA DLP Projector Review

The ViewSonic PJD5134 is one of the highest-rated projectors by ViewSonic (click here to check price). It is a high-performance affordable solution for your home theatre, or even many situations like business and classrooms.  It is packed with many features such as 3000 ANSI lumens and a 15000:1 contrast ratio, making it a great solution. Read on this review to learn more about this projector.


Main Features

3000 lumens - The ViewSonic PJD5134 uses 3000 ANSI lumens. This along with a 15000:1 contrast ratio, leads to clear and bright imaging. Because of this, the projector is usable even in the most brightly-lit business conference rooms and classrooms. If you’re going to use this projector in such a situation, then this is the ideal choice.

DLP Technology - Using a unique Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, the ViewSonic PJD5134 is capable of producing very sharp and lifelike images. Even when you’re playing a video, motion blur is minimal compared to similar projectors because the response time is 1000 times faster than similar projectors.

BrilliantColor Technology - One of the biggest problems you’ll encounter on many projectors is the extremely dull color, making presentations and videos look far less vibrant than they looked on your computer. However, the BrilliantColor Technology on the ViewSonic PJD5134 enhances colors across the entire RGB spectrum, leading to darker blacks, brighter whites and generally more vibrant colors. [Read more…]

Samsung UN60F7500 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV Review

The Samsung UN60F7500 is part of Samsung’s F7500 series of LED HDTVs. Among Samsung’s lineup of HDTVs, the F7500 series is one of the most high-end ones. The Samsung UN60F7500 packs a lot of features, with great picture quality aided by unique display technologies. Also, the Smart TV features really add to the experience of using the HDTV, negating the need for an external media player. Read our review of the Samsung UN60F7500 to learn more about its features.

Samsung un60f7500

Main Features

Ultra-thin design - The Samsung UN60F7500 has a super-thin bezel and the TV itself is also very thin. This makes the TV look really elegant in any kind of setup. Whether you’re putting this TV on a stand or having it wall-mounted, you can rest assured that this TV will look absolutely great.

Clear Motion Rate 960 - Clear Motion Rate is Samsung’s technology that reduces motion blur during fast-moving video. Depending on the range of the HDTV, Samsung assign a CMR rating to its TV. The Samsung UN60F7500, being part of the high-end Samsung F7500 series, has a high CMR rating of 960. This ensures that motion blur is nearly eliminated during fast-moving images, making them appear crisp and sharp. This makes action-packed movies and sports a joy to watch.

Micro Dimming Pro - In order to achieve the most life-like colors on a TV, there has to be a maximum level of contrast between the darkest and brightest parts of the image. The Micro Dimming Pro technology on the Samsung UN60F7500 does exactly this, leading to dark blacks and bright whites. This makes the image appear far more realistic. [Read more…]